Dr. Medha G. Mehendale


She is well known Naturopathiest and a great researcher in Ayurveda. She is the Director of Tanvi Herbal. Dr. Mrs. Medha Mehendale has brought dynamic change in Ayurveda when she has innovated Tanvi Satva Tablet. She has proved that many types of bitter extracts and tablets are sometimes very difficult to swallow but an extract like Tanvi Satva Tablets can give better relief to many health problems like hair fall, pimples, height growth, memory loss, diabetes, heart diseases, asthama, soraises, Parkinson, Joint pain, allergies etc and it could bring relief in such kinds of problems. She gets lots of response from all the fronts.

There is a free health check-up facility available so it becomes easier for many people to get appointment on the phone for medicine or consultation. Free check up camp facility is available in the center of Tanvi Herbal all over Maharashtra. Tanvi Herbal is approved by of FDA Brand. Many Herbal products like Harbal Tablets, Power for medicinal use, liquid of Herbal oils are available in market in this way. Dr.Medha Mehendale was awarded by Priya Darshani Award given by commercial minister R. Hegade.

She has received various awards like Mahila Udyojika Udyogshri Thane Nagar Ratna from the Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce. She has delivered many lectures on Ayurveda in India and abroad. Dr. Mrs. Medha G. Mehendale is President of Anand Vishwa Gurukul, which is a fusion of the Gurukul method along with Modern Technology and it has become the prestige of Thane City.

Her daughter, Dr.Mansi Mehendale who is in the same field also devotes time to film producing. She has produced some films like Zoom Zoom Zobi and Gojiri which have received many awards from Maharashtra Government. Her film named Daughter was remade in Hindi. She is an honorable member of Anand Vishwa Gurukul.


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