Shri. Vishwas Mukund Damle


Manager (Administration Department) Pitambari Product Pvt. Ltd. He is also associated with the following institutions:
1) Sanmitra Mandal Thane as the President.
2) Naupada sarvajanik (Maghi) Ganeshutsav Mandal as the Working President.
3) Kopineshwar Sanskrutic Nyas and Bhartiya Navavarsha Swagatyatra Samiti as a Public Relation Authority.
4) Associated with Hithwardhini Sabha Naupada, Brahman Seva Sangh as a Committee Member.
5) Savarkar Seva Sanstha as the Vice President.

He is now associated with our institute, Anand Vishwa Gurukul as a Treasurer, the only institute in Thane. We know that an ocean cannot be confined to a lake. So along with the above activities, he also spares his valuable time for conducting musical programs. svargaMgaocyaa kazavartI, even participated as a singer in AxayagaaNaI vasaMtbahar inaSaIgaMQa svar Aalao dUrUnaI etc. Also participate in many singing programs on T.V. such as yauvaadSana.

We consider our self extremely privileged by presenting the short introduction of our great treasure Shri Vishwas Mukund Damle It was a challenging task to present our Treasurer nevertheless we have tried our best to maintain an optimum standard.


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