1. To create for the students of University of Mumbai an additional avenue of self employment and also to benefit the industry by providing them with suitable trained person in the field of accounting and Finance.(A/F)

2. To prepare student to exploit opportunities, being newly created, in the Accounting and Finance profession.

3. To provide adequate basic understanding about Accounting and Finance educational among the students.

4. To give an adequate exposure to operational environment in the field of accounting and finance.

5. To include training and practical approach by using modern technologies amongst the student in the field of Accounting and Finance.

  Eligibility : for Admission (B.Com. Accounting and Finance)

1. A candidate for being eligible for admission to the Bachelor of Commerce Degree Course shall have passed XII std. Examination or the Maharastra Board of Higher Secondary Education or its equivalent

2. Every Candidate admitted to the degree Course in the Constituent/affiliated College recognised institution, conducting the course. Shall have to register himself/herself with the University.

3. Students passing an examination equivalent to S. Y. J .C. of the Higher Secondary Board, Mumbai and Inter-Mediate (Arts/Science/Commerce) of University of Mumbai or from other states & immigrating from other Universities, Boards & seeking admission to the F.Y. of the Three Year Integrated Degree Course will be admitted only on production of a Valid “Provisional Eligibility Certificate” issued by the University of Mumbai for the current academic year and for the desired course. Such students should submit a migration certificate, statement of marks and passing certificate in original along with true copies within two months, from the date of admission, failing which their admission is liable to be cancelled.

4. Students should see the University of Mumbai website www.mu.ac.in for various courses and eligibility rules.

5. Duration of the Courses and Related information

a. The course shall be a full time course. The duration of the course shall be six semesters spread over in three years. b. A Batch shall consist of not more than 60 students. c. The Total number of lectures per paper per semester (Subject) shall be maximum of 50 and a maximum of 55 each of 50 minutes duration.